7 Sports exercises for women at home

 Exercise in C enhances enthusiasm and urges perseverance. But there are viable exercises at home, and they help tighten the body. In the following, the best exercise for women at home, which belongs to the junior category, is easy and effective in burning fat and promoting physical fitness.


7 Sports exercises for women at home

Athletics at home, effective at tightening the body's muscles and giving it graceful powers.

The exercise takes only 20 minutes, a day, which helps to tighten all the body's muscles, giving it graceful and consistent powers.

1. Exercise Muscle Softening

Muscle softening exercise is excellent.

This exercise targets all organs of the body, and despite the simplicity of its movements, it is essential to the softening of the muscles, before exercising its own teasing exercise. He moves the head forward, back, right and left several times. Then, the shoulders move circular, with the arms extending forward once, down again, and to the sides a third time. Also, exercise moves the waist, circular, and many times.

2. Jump Exercise

Jump exercise burns body fat, fast

Stand straight, lift your chest, and then put your body down quietly. No matter how high you report, speed is required. So, it's important to make several jumps a minute. Repeat exercise 10 to 15 times.

3. Exercise Planck

Exercise Planck helps tighten chest and shoulders

Lay down with your belly on the floor, lift your body up. Stick to the arms and toes, then touch your chest with your hand. Repeat this exercise for times, with the swap between the feet.

4. Abdominal Exercise

This exercise is an effective exercise in burning abdominal fat.

Lie on your back, put your fingers behind your head; The legs must be in the air. Bend the knees at a 90-degree angle, and lift your shoulders. Move your torso to the right, stretch your left leg, then reverse the motion.

5. Two-leg exercise

This exercise tightens the muscles of the legs.

Stand still, and have a little distance between your feet. Bend your right knee, lower the thighs down, and have your right knee bent at the level of the foot ankle. Stretch your arms, push yourself out with your left foot. Keep practicing five times, using every foot.

6. Exercise Squat

Scoat exercise is an effective butt drill.

Stand straight, deposit distance between the feet and raise arms. Get down slowly, like you're gonna sit in a chair, and then slowly lift yourself up. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

7. Cobra exercise

Cobra stretch exercise

Lie on your belly, keep the feet a little apart, and put my hands on the floor. Then, lift the chest as much as possible, and the chin as well, with persistence on this position for five seconds, up to 35 of them.

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