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What's e-commerce, how to start and profit in 2022


Ten years ago, e-commerce was a strange concept to hear, and we were dealing with it, and there were centuries apart, and today it's a reality that we live with and deal with every day.

There are billions of dollars traded every year through e-commerce, and that's not global, but just in the Middle East.

You'll find me down there. I'm bringing you more of these statistics to realize the opportunity and the potential of e-commerce.

Whether you want to win a part of an e - commerce cake by creating your own store, or you want to enter the world of e - commerce in the simplest and easiest way possible, even completely free, or even have a curiosity to know in order to understand the nature of this world, which has become a living reality that we deal with every day. In this article, you'll find what you want and more.

On top of all this, you'll find me for important sources, which will make it easier for you on many sides, so I strongly recommend that you read every article that's going to be linked down.

Note: This article is not an academic article with some solid information, but it is a practical article through which I aim to develop an integrated guide for every Arab youth who wishes to work in the field of electronic commerce.

I recommend studying the manual in full until its end, and I strongly appreciate every attempt to publish this article to help more young Arabs develop their lives!

What is e-commerce?

Definition of electronic commerce: The original term is E-commerce or Electronic Commerce, which refers to every business that can be completed based on modern Internet technology.

However, e-commerce also involves the purchase and sale of intangible services as well as digital products, including auctions through the Internet, ticket bookings and electronic bank transactions.

Simply each Byzence relies on the Internet to complete each or some of these tasks: It belongs to the idea of electronic commerce.

But for the idea to become clear and easy to understand for everyone, let's take it up according to its common idea for everyone, which is global online stores like Amazon and Ebay, which we have models like in the Arab region.

E-commerce consists of e-stores: They are websites where a variety of products are offered, from which the client can choose, and by having a payment device that the store accepts, it can complete the purchase in a few minutes, and then the store sends the product to the client's address.

In general, we can say that e-commerce is a product of the intermarriage between traditional commerce and the Internet, and based on this, even the 1920s girl who owns a Facebook group to sell makeup to her friends, she's somehow in the business of e-commerce.

Because I seek to disseminate the usefulness of this guide to as many young Arabs as possible, I will address the professional level of e-commerce in detail, but I will also address a set of simple ideas that anyone can apply to benefit from this world.

Certain statistics on electronic commerce

96% of the U.S. population made at least one purchase of the Internet, and 51% frequently shopped from the Internet.

The global total volume of sales from online retailers is expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021.

The growth of electronic commerce has exceeded the countries of the West, and there has been rapid growth in almost every country in the world, including the Arab States.

Most online shoppers tend to buy from websites in their local language and currency.

The e-commerce market in the Middle East region is expected to double in size by 2021 compared to 2014.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are among the most developed countries in the area of electronic commerce in the Arab region.

Egypt is the largest Arab country in the number of Internet users, with about 50 million Egyptians using the Internet followed by Saudi Arabia.

By the end of 2015, about 18 million Egyptians had made purchases through the Internet, making Egypt the first Arab in the number of Internet buyers, followed by Saudi Arabia 12 million, and the Emirates 7 million.

"The e-store of some major companies reaches a market value of more than one trillion dollars" in 2018, specifically at the beginning of September, the news of the world's most famous newspaper, announcing a new era of electronic commerce dominance as a modern alternative to the traditional idea of commerce.

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