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 Golf. Is it just  for rich and old people?


Golf is not a widespread sport because it needs a big field, and golf clubs, and there is a belief among many that golf is just for the rich, the elderly and politicians and that no other can do it. 

The truth is very different from that. Anyone who can learn and practice it on the condition that a proper track is available and we will clarify the most important rules of golf.

history of golf

Golf was an ancient sport that began to emerge in Britain in the 15th century and was first played in Scotland and then spread to the rest of the British Kingdom. In the 18th century, the first golf association was founded in Scotland.

Rules of Golf

This sport is played in open stadiums ranging from three to seven kilometers, a grassland with some water pools and sandy areas as barriers and obstacles during play,with golf bags and golf car is important for that.

The main objective of the game is to bring a rubber ball into the pits of the field with the lowest number of hits and from specific distances. 

Each pit is finished and then followed, using a golf bat called a megar, and for every distance, depending on the quality of the ground on which the ball is located, the type of bat may reach 14 different types.

the players wearing the right golf clothing.

Golf Match and Who Wins

The game consists of 9 to 18 holes, and every player who hits the ball starts trying to get the ball into the hole from the first strike, and if he doesn't succeed, he tries a second strike from the place of the new ball that arrived after the first strike, and then a third ball, and so on until the ball falls into the hole, and then he moves to the next hole and eventually wins the ball in all the holes, with as few hits as possible.

golf tournaments

The World Golf Federation organizes several tournaments, the most famous of which is the England Open and the American Championships. 

The winners of these tournaments are given very large financial prizes.

The benefits of golf

Many believe that golf for zombies or obese is completely untrue. During a single golf game, the player may walk very large distances, so a large number of calories are burned, protecting against heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

In golf, you escape reality and merge with a world of well - being and relaxation that reduces stress and improves the psychological and mood of golfers.

Golf needs to focus and run a mind that improves a player's thinking skills.

This sport also features some of the physical friction that exists in most sports, so the chances of injuries during play are very low and it does not prevent the need for good muscle heating before play begins.

You can't hesitate to play golf if you have the opportunity to learn this beautiful and high - end sport. 

Recently, the space for this sport has been spreading in our Arab world, and there are a large number of luxury hotels and resorts that offer golf courses, which are easy to play and spread in recent years.