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what are the costs and benefits of technology

 Technology changes people's lives a lot as time progresses, their ways and means of communication change accordingly, they create entertainment, people have a certain character in them, and one of the most important transitions in human history is the technological revolution that took place in the twentieth century, and it became part of the life of societies and states, and the common term technology is the use of modern devices and computers. 

Technology means application science or performance science. 

Technology is not limited to the use of modern devices and computers, but is used in knowledge technology, design technology, biotechnology, modern medicine science, war and industry, and internal security.

The Benefits of Technology

use of technology

There are many benefits to technology:

Technology has contributed to disease control. Antibiotics have been developed. Medical equipment has contributed to radiography, cardiac planning, diagnosis and screening of diseases.

Technology has contributed to the intervention of microsurgery, intricate surgery, catheter surgery, and orthopedic surgery.

Pharmaceutical technology has contributed to the healing of many intractable diseases, facilitated by the human crew of pharmacists, doctors and nurses.

Technology has facilitated the movement of people, through modern means of communication and transportation, such as the emergence of aircraft, electric trains and shipping systems.

Technology has facilitated scientific research and access to information at the lowest cost in a short time, as the Internet has provided everyone with the information they want.

Technology has facilitated social communication among humans, becoming easier than before, owing to the emergence of applications and technologies linked to modern technology systems, as modern communications such as mobile cellular devices have provided social communication in the easiest way.

Technology has contributed to the provision of security services through the introduction of high - tech tools into the military, police and internal security agencies, by monitoring suspected people, controlling robberies, technology has maintained the peace and internal security of society and the state. Areas of technology use have several areas where modern technology has been used

Among them are the following:

Education and learning:

Technology has provided many services in the educational field, beginning with the invention of the pen and paper, through printing, photography and registration.


People can see and hear what's going on in the farthest part of the world. Communication is no longer restricted to phone calls or mails. There's electronic chat and e - mail, and a lot of communication, as well as talking to others through visual encounters thanks to computer networks and communication technology.

Electronic commerce:

offering, selling and purchasing goods, information and services through an electronic system between a producer, a supplier and a consumer.

Reduce the number of workers without a need for management and accounting, as well as the effectiveness of marketing, and communication with customers and companies.

Administrative area:

Many institutions use internal and external networks and computers to manage their management, as well as to communicate with their branches, and modern States have resorted to the ICT-based e-governance system in their management.

Health and medicine:

Communication and information technology in the field of medicine and health has contributed to raising the level of health of people living in remote and rural areas, to reduce travel and treatment costs, to make patients comfortable with access to places of treatment in cities, to exchange knowledge between centres through medical and scientific conferences, to connect remote hospitals to a communication network, so that doctors can diagnose the disease through the exchange of reports and images, and the Internet has become the primary source of medical information.

Information and culture:

Technology has contributed to the provision of substantial services for the advancement of cultural peoples. Paper, printing, books, magazines and newspapers have contributed to the delivery of knowledge to large sectors, enabling many to publish at reasonable costs, and the media have contributed to the delivery and transmission of information in the shortest time, whether visible, such as television, telephone or radio, and technology has contributed to the provision, processing and translation of information.


Technology was used in the war, weapons were the main factor in winning the war, humans used technology to communicate information and messages covertly between the field and the command, with a view to espionage.


Many computer games that rely heavily on sound, 3D graphics, and information technology are used in the production, presentation and recording of films, music and accompanying effects, and the Internet is used for product distribution, contributing to their spread.

Industrial field:

The information technology industry is an important sector in the economy of many countries of the world. The computer has been used to examine and design complex machine models such as an aircraft and a car. The human robot and computer-guided machine have spread to the dangerous industry.

The World's Most Important Technological Inventions

There are hundreds of technological inventions that have contributed to changing the world. Technology is the foundation of everything around us in the street, home, school and work, and it harvests the evolution of human societies. One of the most important technological inventions in the world:

Cell phones.

The clock.






Personal computer.

Industrial and medical machinery.

3D printers.



Wired electricity.

Wireless electricity.